About Healthy GW

The Healthy GW initiative unifies wellness efforts across the George Washington University (GW). Healthy GW was created to embrace all of the university’s wellness efforts, from enhancing healthy services and reducing violence to addressing sexual assault. It is an integral part of the 23 priorities outlined in GW’s commitment to the Healthy Campus Initiative and engages the faculty, staff and student populations in the GW community.

Some examples of wellness efforts include the announcement of Smoke-Free GW in August 2013, the Colonial Health Center and the Urban Food Task Force. Our work also extends beyond our core GW community to our Foggy Bottom neighbors with collaborative events like the annual Neighborhood Block Party.



The mission of Healthy GW is to improve the living and working experience on campus in a holistic manner that promotes an active and healthy lifestyle in order to assist students, faculty and staff in achieving their health goals.

Healthy GW will:

  • Identify and recommend ways in which GW can support and advance wellness efforts across the university including mental and physical health, nutrition, safety, sustainable practices and increase community engagement around these issues.
  • Provide health promotion strategies at the individual and environmental levels to support the GW community in achieving their health goals.
  • Maintain a stakeholder consortium to include GW community members to help inform senior leadership decisions regarding needs and preferences pertaining to health and wellness.



Healthy GW is a committee comprised of faculty, students and staff who meet monthly to discuss ways to synergize healthy efforts on campus. We also discuss strategic ways to publicize the various activities on campus. Current Healthy GW members include:

  • Dawnita Altieri
  • Loretta DiPietro
  • Qundeel Khattak
  • Andre Julien
  • Kara Musselman
  • Dr. Lawrence Deyton
  • Sabrina Ellis
  • Meghan Chapple
  • Mark Levine
  • Lorraine Voles
  • Michelle Stone


Contact Us

If you're working on a project or activty that promotes wellness and supports our mission, please share the details about your efforts with us so we can collaborate with you.

If you have any questions about Healthy GW, please email us at [email protected].